This week’s Chinwag is with none other than Shane ‘Sizzle’ Syddall…er…. that’s me…. ah crap!!! Will Leigh get me to talk about ComX or will we cry together in joy over the state of Aussie Comics!!!! Tune in to find out!

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Voice Over (00:00:09):
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Leigh Chalker (00:00:31):
Good day and welcome to episode five of Tuesday Chinwag. And I’m Lee Chalker creator of Battle for Bustle, available in the Comx shop. And with me today, this evening is my good mate, Mr. Shane Sizzle. Syddall the boss.

Sizzle (00:00:52):
Good. How are

Leigh Chalker (00:00:53):
You? And we’re gonna talk lots of stuff. For any of you that haven’t seen the show before, it’s basically just a yarn using six prompting questions or words, which are who, what, where, when, why, how. And we just take it in any direction and see where it leads us. So Hello mate. How are you?

Sizzle (00:01:15):
Yeah, not too bad.

Leigh Chalker (00:01:17):
What’s the way? Ready to go.

Sizzle (00:01:19):
I’m ready.

Leigh Chalker (00:01:20):
<laugh>, right? Get those engines humming, mate. So let’s, let’s just get straight into it. Sis who mate

Sizzle (00:01:29):
Who? Well Shane Siddle pretty much who I’ve been up until now. I’ve been reading comics since the late eighties. And I guess the, who would also be comics that I, I’ve been reading comics since the late eighties. They’re all mainstream comics. I didn’t know about Indy Comics until, well, actually three years ago. And that’s kind of where the who of comics came from. It was all about, I thought it was crazy that I’d been reading comics for what, that three, two decades? Three decades. Oh, that’s four. Oh God, I’m feeling old.

Leigh Chalker (00:02:15):
We’re getting old mate. We’re getting old <laugh> <laugh>

Sizzle (00:02:18):
Once you do the math. Three and a half decades. Yeah. Okay. And I didn’t know that there was an Australian indie scene. I had no idea. I mean, I’d gone to comic shops like comics, et cetera, in Brisbane. That’s where my first comic shop. Before then it was just news agents and there was no well if there wasn’t in section, I had no idea about it. I mean, I was a big X-Men fan so I was gravitated towards the X titles,

Leigh Chalker (00:02:48):
Marks the spot. I was fan.

Sizzle (00:02:52):
But so after collecting all that time it was actually, I started comic as a thing called Comic. I had to change that name. So I found out that was actually an app for reading Manga <affirmative>. So I changed the name to come net IU Comics Network, Australia’s what it stands for. And it changed it to that. And it was all about comic shops. I was looking for certain comics and I was finding it really hard to find comic shops outside of Brisbane. Cuz when you use Google, it just gives you all your local stuff with the occasional really big shops in other states. And I thought, well that was crazy. So I, I’m gonna look for the other shops and find them all and went well I make websites, I’ll make a website so everyone can use it and find these other comic shops. And I did that.

And then I got all the comic shops together and then I found out there’s comic events. So I went, oh maybe I should add a bit to the site about a comic calendar so you can go to all these comic events and so forth. And while I was doing that, I found out there was indie comics in these comic events and that’s when it, the light went off and went, hang on, there’s indie comics, there’s strain comics and I’m a bit patriotic. I’ve always, all my comic characters I made were a kid. Were all Australian based. I was very the Wallaby and the Kangaroo man and the Captain Australia and all that sort of stuff.

So I have a bit of a that going on inside me. So when I found out there was Australian comics, I was like Wow, and how did I not know about this before? And then the site became, well I need to publicize these people. I need to get the word out to people that don’t. Sure. I’m not the only person who doesn’t know there’s indie comics out there. I mean I’ve been collecting for like I said, 30 years and I didn’t know about it. So surely there’s other people who don’t realize there’s a Australian indie community out there. So the site evolved from being about comic shops and comic events into being about indie artists. And it’s evolved quite a lot since then as well. So I made a section on the website that was all about promoting and helping you find Australian indie comic creators writers, artists, whatever. So that’s comics. Who me? I’m just some dude who likes comics. There’s not a lot of history there. I’ve done a lot of things have absolutely nothing to do with comics.

Leigh Chalker (00:05:39):
Yeah. Well take us back to when I first met you had an ad in the back of Battle for Bustle issue one and we’ve spoken about it before. The first day my first box of comics turned up I received a text message from you saying, how you going? I’m Shane just introducing yourself and letting me know that this was beginning for you. And at the time there was another name that you were using which you missed out on a little bit there. But I wanna get into that cuz that’s a big deep part of the history of comics as well. And that’s cs. So what’s the story with cis? Because when I talk to you on the phone or we’re having a ya I’ve still got you as Shane Sids <laugh>. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that’s how long I’ve had your phone number Matt, and then Coex has come from that. But tell us a little bit about Sids.

Sizzle (00:06:53):
Okay, well actually that’s a good point. I totally forgot about that. Sids was originally a idea from myself and Carrie, my partner I can’t remember how many years ago this is, but we were looking to start up a comic shop here in Brisbane. Cause I think daily, what was it called? Daily Planet had just closed. So it was like there was this huge gap in the Brisbane market and

Me being me did all the accounting side of things and the amount of money we needed to save up to start the shop and the amount of money that I calculated would make it just I don’t know how comic shop owners do it, but there’s not an awful lot of money in it for the amount of work that it sounded like you had to do. And with all the mess that happened with Diamond and everything, kind of glad I didn’t go there. Cause that sounds like an absolute nightmare that the comic shops have gone through. And then C probably would’ve killed us anyway. So

Leigh Chalker (00:08:03):
Yeah, you gotta be pretty brave to take on a bricks and mortar to shop these days mean.

Sizzle (00:08:09):
Yeah, but our citrus itself, the logo and the name is all Kerry she came up with the name the designer came up with a lot of the logo, but there’s certain little things about the logo that carry aide, the orange beard, she got them to put that in.

Leigh Chalker (00:08:28):
And that would have something to do with the fact that you possibly had a red slash orange beard before you went into Yes I did before

Sizzle (00:08:36):
It went this color. <laugh> <inaudible>.

Leigh Chalker (00:08:41):
Yeah. Oh that’s alright. I used to have long locks mate and then they disappeared too. So things catch up to us, don’t they? So

Sizzle (00:08:50):
They do indeed.

Leigh Chalker (00:08:51):
Now CIS is also represented as we were just discussing by a designed character that is at some point in the near future, which we’ll get into because you’ve got a publishing wing with comics as well.

Sizzle (00:09:14):
So he’s

Leigh Chalker (00:09:16):
Come into a little comic of his own in a future. Yes. You up and coming hasn’t he?

Sizzle (00:09:24):
Yes, I’ve commissioned some people to write some stories and to draw some stories of we’ve got the main ones that have been done so far are one by Ryan, which is a cool little green sequence. So it’s very cool. So he got to just play with that big time <affirmative>. And we’ve got a story that explains why there’s variations in all the stories that will follow. Cause they’re all about perspective. Depending on the person that interacts with Cirus, they’ll have a different experience of who Cirus is. <affirmative>. So then the stories have a bit of a, they don’t necessarily follow a straight story like your normal superhero stories. They’ll be all from the perspective of the onlooker and Peter Wilson’s doing that story. So yeah,

Leigh Chalker (00:10:24):
That’s an interesting perspective mate. So getting basically the SIDS is off doing his own thing and you’ve got an onlooker sort of explaining or their perspective on whether he’s a hero or a villain or the great deeds he’s doing or the terrible things.

Sizzle (00:10:41):
Does he even have powers? Someone will see him as just some dude, someone else will see him as this guy with the ability to fly and super strength and stuff. It just depends on what they experience while they interact with him.

Leigh Chalker (00:10:53):
Yeah, that’s cool. I like the idea of that. You know, got two good creators there too in Ryan Valor and Peter Wilson attacking that for you mate. So that should be pretty awesome to check out when they finally hit the page in the future for other people to have a look at. Now mate

I guess with what we’ve sort of covered what X is, but when you got to the point and you were reaching out to artists and you’re making your website and bringing the shops together and artists together, so you could I guess give a well one stop place for people of interest to come and check out if they wanted to commission someone or they were interested in who the Queensland artists were or Western Australia, that sort of stuff. You began creating a hub. So the community Yes. Was gestating at that point in the early days. So what essentially were you hoping, were you hoping for more from that or was that just your goal at that point and with the interaction of other creators and people you just found your way building and building?

Sizzle (00:12:24):
Yeah, yeah, that’s pretty much it. My goal at the time was just to promote. I wanted to let people know that this existed. I mean I could be way off maybe everyone knows existed, it was just me who didn’t know. But at the end of the day I thought there had to be other people like me and they needed to know that this existed. So that’s all it was about. All it was about was getting these people’s names out there and getting their comics known. And it all has links on where each person’s profile has links on where you can buy their comics, where you can find ’em on social media. That was the goal was to help them get found and help people buy their comics. So that’s all it was about. That’s all it was about. And I made friends with people in the industry and it just sort of ballooned from there.

Leigh Chalker (00:13:21):
Yeah, well it’s happened pretty quick because I mean come X is now well let’s say we do live streams. I mean you’ve got the Tuesday back, which is sponsored by you. You’ve got Friday Night Drink and Draw, which is on every Friday. And that’s up to episode 65 I think, if memories me correctly. So getting on there and you’ve got the OS comic show that goes through seasons and stuff. You’ve got the Aussie verse, which is a sponsored show on a Monday night with Bo and stuff like that.

Sizzle (00:14:05):
You’re just asking the word out there. Yeah,

Leigh Chalker (00:14:07):
Yeah. And then so you’ve built that live streaming thing and I’d have to say you’ve done a really super successful job with the community because obviously I was an isolated artist up here in Townsville and I much like you Shane, my comic book shop didn’t sell Australian independent comic books. I sort of lost track I guess of them once the news agent side of things dried up in the late nineties, I guess, mate. Yeah, there were quite a few of them getting out then and there were one or two that obviously kept going and stuff and you’d hear about ’em on social media and stuff and tried keeping an ear to the tracks for that. And in its own way, I think this is just me speaking in its own way, I guess Covid was awful for a lot of people and awful for a lot of businesses and stuff. So I certainly am not, don’t take this opinion incorrectly but for artists and creators that were in the lockdowns and things, they had the opportunity to pursue these ideas and stories and creations that they would’ve otherwise put on the back burner for work and stuff like that.

And there’s a huge influx of things. And with X, you’ve been lucky enough that people are coming to you now with, Hey, I’ve got this or I’m from here, I’ve done that and you’re promoting your Kickstarters and things like that. Is that did that blow you out when that started happening? More members to the sites and Friday Night Drink and Draw is such a huge success with artists and creators wanting to apply their wares and stuff. How did you feel about that mate? Like that just wow is

Sizzle (00:16:08):
Yeah, yeah, big time. Big time. It was quite a surprise. I mean Drink and Draw was meant to be a eight episode show promoting each story from presents and presents new art. That’s all it was meant to be. And it just went so well. We’re like, hey, maybe we can promote other people’s stuff. So we continued to show on and just organically Spy became the host. He was on all the other shows and he just was the most interactive and got most of the people talking and it just sort of turned into, it’s like, ah, spy you kind of the host. I think so. And yeah, it’s just taken off since then. It’s just people are asking to be on it now and that’s that I was chasing people to be on it before and now people are asking to be on it. So it’s like wow, that’s really cool. People know about the show. What really blew my mind was a quick, Nick said he was at a event and someone’s going, Hey your quick Nick from that show on Friday nights. And it’s like, oh wow. Someone’s recognized him from the show rather than from the comics. Yeah.

Leigh Chalker (00:17:30):

Sizzle (00:17:30):
That’s pretty cool.

Leigh Chalker (00:17:32):
Yeah, that is man. Cause I have to say that what, what’s amazing too is some of the people that you’ve had on the show over time, just recently, I’ve gone back and had a look at some of the guests and some of the artists that have been on as well and I’ll forget, I can’t remember all 65 of them because they’re as important. Each of them are just as important to the whole a community. But there’s been some absolute belters mate, there’s Dave DeVry, there’s Glen Lumsden, there’s Gary, Tim, guys that have been around for an awfully long time in the Australian comics community and have had success overseas and nationally and done big things set up conventions or been I guess talent scouts to a little bit trailblazed back in the days, things like that. And these guys have all been on the show and that’s an amazing achievement man to me cuz I just think how lucky you are to sit back every Friday night mate and just chill out with these people cause pretty cool.

It’s pretty damn cool man. I think So kudos to you there and does Spy and Quick Nick in all the regulars that do the Friday night drink and draw and are all part of the team that bring the fun and stories to life and the creators and everything. So that’s an awesome thing. It really is. Shame take time to reflect man every now and then with what you’ve achieved mate, cuz it’s an awesome thing. Cause I mean this I guess is a very well, I guess to a certain extent a love isn’t it for you mate, it’s a hobby because you do web designs and stuff on the side. I work on the side. This thing is a passion. So I mean you keep the fire burning and there’s not a day it goes by where you’re not tweaking or doing something. Do you know what I mean?

To keep the community alive and stuff. So from the live shows, and you just touched on it, the first eight episodes of Drink and Draw where to promote comics publishing, which you decided to have a crack at and comics publishing wasn’t the first thing you had to go at was before the comics. Let’s go back to about 18 months ago and it involved a calendar, which was an idea that you had. And I would say that just from me and an outsider looking in, that’s probably where I think the idea for the publishing probably kicked

Sizzle (00:20:50):
Into. Oh yeah, definitely. No, no you’re definitely right. The calendar was just a way to promote and showcase all different artists from around Australia. I’d seen it done before and I thought what a great idea. I reached out to just people I knew, people I didn’t know it was meant to be a 12 month calendar but we got such a great response so quickly, I filled that calendar in 24 hours and it ended up needing to be an 18 month calendar to so that I could let everyone be in the calendar. And that was a lot of work. I was really surprised on how much work that was.

But I mean that said, without Zach George’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. And he was a big part of starting up comic studio as well. But the artists just went I can’t think of words it was just wow, it was just everyone coming together and to one goal and making this calendar and being so passionate about promoting it so happy. I dunno, that’s probably a better word than that to be part of it. And I won’t try to list all the names so I’ll forget someone. And so I’ll just say thank you everyone who is in the calendar and that’s where someone along the line said, why don’t you publish a book?

And that’s when I reached out and said Would anyone be interested in being part of a book? We had no name for it at the time. We had no rules for it at the time. It was just kind of like, would anyone want to do this with me? I mean I know the calendar went well, but would anyone want to do this? And people put their hands up and I was like wow, okay. And then we came up with a name for it, which was presents, come presents. We came up with a rule to bring it all together so it wasn’t random with eight pages per story and it was the creator’s own story. So there was no real rules on what they did as long as it was team plus rating. That was about the only rule and I dunno where I was going with that thought.

Oh yeah. And they were paid a percentage of the sales but to also make it a little bit more worthwhile, they got a page, full page ad about where to find their wears and so forth about themselves, even if it was just their social medias if they didn’t have somewhere to buy online. So that became presents and we got a whole bunch of people wanting to do black and white as well and we got enough stories to do two books. So we went, well why don’t we make a black and white one and a color one. So it started off as just going to be a color one and then it turned into new are as well. Comics presents new are for black and white stories. So turn into two comics. Yeah,

Leigh Chalker (00:24:26):
Yeah. And the calendar was your first, essentially, I’m gonna throw it in there. Your calendar was your first and then comes presents now you use the Kickstarter I guess format for both and they were both very, very successful. Shane. Yes. They both got published, people were happy and everyone was good. So with the success of that, you’ve gone on to do presents and the WA issue two and an issue three. Yes. So issue three just came out a couple of months ago and things like that and which was successful in terms of me, I mean read them, I see people getting better and better. The one thing that I really liked about it man and where your heart is you, you’ve got not just established to reasonably established indi artists in Australia, you’ve also given people the opportunity to have their comic books published for the first time that may not have ever had the opportunity to do that or the knowhow because as you know, and I know there’s quite a bit goes into putting a comic book together mate <laugh>

Sizzle (00:25:56):

Leigh Chalker (00:25:56):
Lot. Yeah it’s not just a draw the pages up, put some staples in and get it out to people. So

Sizzle (00:26:05):
That was a big part of it. That was a big part of it. I wanted to help people. One of the biggest joys I got from presents was those people who’d never published before and may never publish again holding their first published comic book in their hands. And that was just like, wow, I helped that happen. So that’s just so cool. So yeah,

Leigh Chalker (00:26:29):
I think that is cool man, that would’ve been an awesome feeling cuz there’s several of those people, Duncan Prish, Steven McCloud, Julian Velasco, they started with their first comic books published in Presents <inaudible> and to this day’s still plugging away Ben Kitty just dropped issue one not too long ago, which is available through the comic shop, I might add shop. All of those details are down the bottom of the screen and the shop and everything on the come network at the end of the show, start of the show, you can’t miss the address. So go and check again <laugh> and on Shane’s hat if you forget. Yeah,

Sizzle (00:27:13):
There you go.

Leigh Chalker (00:27:14):
Right. So it’s all there and that’s an awesome achievement cuz the best thing is those guys are still going mate. And they’re encouraged, they’re part of the community as well watching shows they’ve been on the show. So I mean it’s thriving, it’s beginning at this point. It’s getting the snowball made. It’s bigger and bigger and stuff, which is great. And I guess moving to, there’s two different questions I’d ask you, which are along the where’s and whens, where do you see coms going now in terms of with issue three coming out, what have you got in the pipeline mate like tucked in there that you haven’t told anyone about that’s up and coming somewhere?

Sizzle (00:28:08):
Well it’s issue four actually that’s been worked on right now. We’ve got all the art for it it’s just been put together by the graphic designer and we’ve got some the extras that you’re having, the editorials and stuff we’ve gotta work on so we can put it all together. It’s not just the art, having the artist art is not the only thing you need unfortunately. So we are figuring that out and finishing that off. So that should hopefully come out soon and we’ll probably use Kickstarter again for that. But we’re doing something different with another comic that’s coming out soon and that is Sizzle and Doug into the multiverse,

Leigh Chalker (00:28:48):

Sizzle (00:28:48):
Is an awesome, it reminds me of the calendar just with a hell of a lot more artists and creators because some of the artists have used writers to write their story. So it’s not just artists and pretty much, I think it’s, is it 30 or 31? I think it’s 31 stories, one page stories which are all about sizzle me, Doug, my cat

Going from universe to universe to universe. And each universe is a page and each page is by a different creative team or crater and something happens in each one. And basically we are looking for Carrie the other half of CDs. So me and Doug. And I think from memory it’s because Doug is hungry so we’re looking for the food, Carrie’s got the food we’re looking for Carrie. So that’s us jumping from Univers to Univers and just some of the artwork and some of these them cool stories. Some of them are really out their stories. People have really gone to town with this and they’ve just thrown their talent into it too. It’s like it’s half everything is just like wow. Every time I get a new piece in it’s just like wow. And this is all going into one book. There’s 31 pieces. So that was actually SP’s idea. This book, it was meant to be a fundraiser to help pay for this channel the software that runs these shows. I don’t know if it’s gonna stay that it’s just become this big community thing now instead with just getting so many people on board. It was originally gonna be a 24 page comic and then it was just so many people interested. We blew it out to 32.

So it’s more of a community project. We’re not gonna go through Kickstarter for this one. We’re gonna try something different. There’s gonna be a hundred copies, that’s it. And they’re gonna be numbered. So the sooner you buy the lower number it is that you get they’ll do a big promotion so everyone knows it’s coming out but it’ll be going into the comic shop where you can buy it there and the order that the orders come in will be the number that you get.

Leigh Chalker (00:31:30):
Yeah. So basically if you are first in, you get number one, number one yet I’m assuming, I’m assuming you’ll probably keep yourself number one there mate. No,

Sizzle (00:31:40):
No, I’m not going. I’m gonna leave number the first person who buys it.

Leigh Chalker (00:31:44):
Oh, fair enough. You’re a bloody good sport then, cuz I know what I’d be doing. You can have number two <laugh> or maybe I’ll start at number five just in case the others get too dog and all bent up in that outta shape. But so that’s good. So anyone watching the show keep an eye at the Sizzle and Doug into the multiverse cuz you can get yourself a number one if you’re quick enough be bang,

Sizzle (00:32:13):
You’re promoted a couple of days before so you got a chance to get in there. We’ll even give the time that it’s released. So

Leigh Chalker (00:32:19):
Yeah Ripper cause that that’s, see again it must make you feel proud that so many people in the Comex community cuz it is a community we, we’ve always thought of it as a community from talking know amongst people that are in the community. Everyone recognized it as a community and it’s wonderful to think that it’s such a wonderful mentality of people helping people because yes, from what you’ve provided for people like myself and everyone else that’s out there crazy things have happened. Getting to meet people that you’ve, as we touched on before, that we’ve admired from afar and then suddenly you’re doing drawings with them or you’re talking shop with them, you’re texting them, you’re getting advice from people. All of these things that started happening and before it, there’s opportunities I guess your style, your craft is improving and you subconsciously don’t even really realize it.

And particularly with Friday night drinking drawers, you’re seeing, you’re meeting people and you’re coming on, you’re looking at their artwork and you’re going, wow, what’s this person been doing? Where can I get their stuff? And I’m gonna lean into that because a lot of the people that are there that have got produced stuff are available on the Coac shop <laugh>. So you can pop in there and you can get this check ’em all out because there’s a heap of stuff on there. And I really do recommend it because I would say Shane, that the Comex, the Australian community comics community is fairly thriving mate. There’s an awful lot of people that are out there and there’s more than what I’m even aware of or even probably yourself is aware of mate. People pop up every week it seems having to go at things. And

Sizzle (00:34:41):
I think it’s definitely in the hundreds, if not maybe even a thousand or so easy. And I’ve only touched on, I think the come site has 140 creators that I’ve been able to get to sign up to the profiles. I know that there’s a hell of a lot more, cause you look at the size of some of the Facebook groups that are just one state and they’ve got 900 people in it and so forth. So it’s a lot bigger. Not that having to go at people for not joining the thing, but I’m just saying the community’s a lot bigger. And touching on that I would have to say my favorite thing about X is the community never intentional. That was not what I went in out to create. It just sort of happened organically and it’s my favorite part of come this community of people that, like you said, are all helping each other out. But being told that they’re having collaborations that they never would’ve happened if come didn’t exist. And that’s just like, wow, I helped that as well and helping people get their own comics out. Now I’m helping them work with people that they never would’ve worked with before.

That’s a huge wow factor for me as well that I’ve helped this happen and it’s just like, that’s so cool. Yeah.

Leigh Chalker (00:36:04):
Well mate, and it, I guess with Colmex too, it’s very inclusive from not just if you know publish something through comics, it’s like it’s not an inclusive thing. You have to be comic to be part of Comic X. You certainly just wanna make that clear from my own perspective on the show, everyone is welcome. Whether you’re from, you publish 10 comic books yourself or you’re from another publishing house in Australia, you’re a collector. Just someone that sits drawing or writing at home. This is I guess a destination, isn’t it really? Just to meet like-minded passionate people Yes. About comics and that’s certainly the way I see it and that’s certainly the way that my understanding from talking to you over the years is how you see it. So I think that’s something that’s pretty amazing man. Because as the longer, I’ve been a part of the Australian comic community and stuff and I’m only a baby, so anyone listening, I’m only little piece of the puzzle tucked away in some far dark corner <laugh> so many people doing their things and I guess until this point maybe the only place to discover a lot of those people were at conventions and stuff and meeting people on the tables and that.

But with Covid happening, COMEX coming through and using the power of into et and webs and creating live streams is, and that has created an umbrella also.

And Australia’s a big place. You can’t always get to hear there and everywhere to meet people, but you certainly can meet people. We’ve done we’re talking. Yeah, it’s a cool thing. I guess with everything I, what would you describe the last couple of years at, because it’s moved pretty quickly from being involved from my perspective of things, you know do look back and it’s like wow that period of time’s gone really swift. How have you found the last two or three years with everything Mate? Do you look back on it and just go, where is time gone? My god, my birthday’s coming around again, what have I done? Is it,

Sizzle (00:38:54):
It’s sort of a mix. There’s sometimes where it feels like it’s just flown by because it just, I’ve had so much fun but then it’s so much has happened so it feels like it’s more and it’s actually should bring funny up. Next month is come X’s third birthday, the Comex Comex itself as a network, not the publisher, not the other thing, I can’t remember but the shop, not the shop but Coex itself has its third birthday next month. It’s actually on the same day as one of our shows. So on wanna be our Friday shows.

Leigh Chalker (00:39:37):
And you’ll be making people aware that that’s your third being around <laugh> be a big show. That one you expecting presents and chocolate sent to you mate. Will we see you on the screen or will there be too many gifts and both stuff in front of you?

Sizzle (00:39:54):
Too much stuff in front of me. <laugh>

Leigh Chalker (00:39:56):
<laugh>. No that’s a great achievement mate. Yeah, you should definitely be proud of that cuz. Now the other thing I wanted to I guess touch on is that there’s a lot of something that’s dear to my heart is from family members and things like that over time is mental health <affirmative> and how important that is to people And people have a stigma behind it. I think even though you talk about it, there’s still people out there that don’t address these things

From there’s a lot of artists and creators out there that are introverted. They’re not particularly extroverted type people and comics allows them to come forward. Now you yourself mate, while going through all of this and creating this beautiful community for people, I would think in much respect to you and as your friend, I’m amazed by your ability you as well have been at the forefront of addressing mental health for people you’ve made no you haven’t held back from letting people know where you’re, you are at where you’ve been over time. Is that something you consciously wanted to do or is that something that’s just sort of in just come

Sizzle (00:41:32):
Into the

Voice Over (00:41:34):
Scene I

Sizzle (00:41:35):
Guess? Well it’s nothing to do with comics really. It’s something that I talk about and try to what’s the word they normalize talking about? I let everyone know when I get sick I’ll like go, yep, the bipolar’s kicking in, I’m manic or I’m depressed or I’m mixed state, whichever it may be. And I’m quite open about that. I’m quite happy to talk about that. Even my clients know about it and I don’t hide it. I don’t think it’s something that should be hidden. It shouldn’t be this big stigma. And I think that helps some of the other creators who do have those issues talk about it a bit more. Cause I’m open about it and it helps. There’s, I won’t name names of course cuz some people are still a bit funny about talking about these things in public. But there’s someone I’m talking to at the moment who’s going through a lot of problems and they’ve reached out to me because I have been so open about it and they’re part of the comic community and we’ve been chatting a lot just talking about what it’s like. And they’ve been really, they’ve said they know no one who they could have talked to about this. That doesn’t freak out when they start talking about the symptoms. So that’s been really cool. Not really comics related, but they happen to be in the comics community. But yeah, I don’t hide when I’m hospitalized when things get so bad that I need to be hospitalized.

I think I’ve even done a few shows the Friday night shows from inside the hospital and the nurses come in behind me to see what I’m doing cause I’m talking and there’s no one there and sizzle. And I’ve done some sizzle rants I think in there as well. So I trying to help people know that they can talk about it if they want to. No pressure to talk about if they don’t want to. Totally up to people. But if they want to it should be something they can talk about. And I try to put it out there to not make it as big secret and this big, oh no, he is got mental illness. Oh let’s all hush hush hush. Yep. And it’s funny, the thing that comics does relate to that is it’s actually helped keep me more stable the last three years is the least. I’ve gone into hospital for the last two decades. So community is unity <laugh>, I just got told from the background there. But yeah, the community has helped. Doing something I’m passionate about has helped and just helping people helps me keep stable. So for those people who said, what’s his angle, that’s my angle goal. Helping people out keeps me mentally stable. <laugh>.

Leigh Chalker (00:44:54):
Well mate, I think in the time that I’ve known you mate you’ve been incredibly brave with coming forward with just trying to think of the word well your, I guess troubles your conditions and stuff from time to time. And that’s the other thing that I love about this community is that people have rallied and supported and come forward for you. You know what I mean? At times, and I guess what I’m trying to get to is mental health is a bad thing. It’s really bad. People should never feel like that. It’s negative. Everyone feels differently about different situations. There’s no button you can press to fix these things. There’s no mechanic that’s gonna come along and make the engine hum better. But just realizing that there is a community of people that care, there’s a community of people that are creative and all willing to get in there and all work together is it’s a beautiful thing and yeah, it is.

I was talking to my mum about you the other day cuz when I was having lunch with her at work from work the other day, I was saying that you and I were doing this show and mom gets a lot of your posts and stuff on her Facebook account. So she keeps up to speed with you in that. And she’s like, mate, he’s a trooper. That bloke, he gets knocked down and he just comes back again. You know what I mean? And man, just coming from a working class family, I thought I’d pass that on to you while we’re doing the show cuz yeah, mum gave you that as a thumbs up mate to keep on going that awesome cause yeah, she admires you for that. Cuz again, mental health whoever’s out there, just check on your brothers, your sisters, your family, are you okay?

The old routine doesn’t hurt to drop a line every now and then if you haven’t heard from someone in a while may not be so lucky as members of the community and that will have family and stuff like that. Just give, drop ’em a dime and a bus, give ’em a buzz check on them. Cuz it may make all the difference. Man doesn’t hurt kindness doesn’t hurt mate and it doesn’t cost anything. So no, but mate, I yeah, just wanted to say I do admire that about you man, that you just keep on plugging away and keep going and I dunno where you find the energy to keep doing it because behind the scenes, behind the scenes there’s lots of bricks and mortar that get laid in order to do comics as well. So that takes up a lot of your time as well, doesn’t it? Big time. You organizing guests, you’re talking to people are, I can do that night and then I can’t do this night. So you gotta swap and change it ever forever. Keep you on your toes. That’s

Sizzle (00:48:18):
Just the shows, that’s just, then there’s all the work I do with the books and then there’s all the work with reaching out to people to try to get ’em on the site.

Leigh Chalker (00:48:25):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So for anyone that’s watching too, for first times contact Shane. If you’re someone that’s out there drawing or writing or wants to create and stuff like that drop him a line and come and be a member of the community. Everyone is welcome.

Sizzle (00:48:51):
Reach out to me here.

Leigh Chalker (00:48:52):
There you go. So [email protected] au Yeah if you’ve wanna be a member of come on and be a drink and draw on a Friday night or any of the shows, be a guests come and meet people. Never know what could happen out there and everyone’s friendly, even

Sizzle (00:49:13):
If it’s just to find out what we’re all about reach out. Just reach out and have a few questions for me. I’m happy to answer them.

Leigh Chalker (00:49:22):
Well a hundred percent. That’s the best thing cuz we do like to say around here too, the community is unity. So we do try very hard to and try and be as positive as we can with everyone and stuff. So that’s what we’re all about. And fun. And fun, isn’t that right Shane? Oh,

Sizzle (00:49:43):
Big time. It’s all about having fun

Leigh Chalker (00:49:45):
Because that’s where the energy comes from. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing. So we like to be fun. I have a laugh, don’t take ourselves too seriously and just kick back with each other really and get to meet people. But we’ve spoken, there’s been we ups and downs, everything peaks and troughs and ebbs and flows. I mean that’s what its in life and business and all that sort of stuff. The big question, why do you keep doing it to yourself man? Why do you come back? Why? What is it that drives you for this comics thing?

Sizzle (00:50:39):
I just love to help. I love the feeling I get from knowing that I’ve helped someone do something they couldn’t have done without my help. And also just for the people, just helping everyone. Not just the people who have helped get published for the first time. Even if it’s just helping someone get published, some story that they might not have published, even though they’ve got 20 books already just some short story they wanted to publish, they couldn’t put in their own book. That’s the publishing side of things. Then there’s the community, which is a huge part of what I love and definitely the friendships I formed are a big part of what drives me from that community. Just friends I never knew I would’ve, I never anticipated that I was gonna form friends from all this. I just thought I was helping some people out on the internet with putting them on the internet site.

Next thing I know I’ve got this army of bloody new friends and just that in itself keeps me going. But also knowing that I’m helping people, helping promote people, helping them get out there net use site. The more people we get on there, the more people will use it and the more that helps everyone who’s on it. So that is another driving force to get that bigger and bigger and bigger so that it becomes this really powerful tool to help artists, writers, anchors, whatever get their names out there and get people to find fans. Pretty much get new fans. That is another driving force. Helping creators get new fans that they would not have gotten without comics.

Leigh Chalker (00:52:31):
Just pretty good man. Cuz it’s again, just the opportunity that is there for people. It’s an amazing thing that you’ve set up. I guess another what was, just go back in time for a little bit cuz I want to just go back to the calendar. Cause the calendar was to me was wow, that

Sizzle (00:53:10):
Was big turning point.

Leigh Chalker (00:53:11):
It was done when you hung it up on your wall for the first time for that first month and thought, I’m gonna use this calendar within yourself. We are like, wow.

Sizzle (00:53:31):
Oh yeah,

Leigh Chalker (00:53:33):
I can’t believe that this idea for this from this little seed grew this tree. Is that something that passion is obviously still with you today, I guess is what I’m getting to mate. You know what I mean? Because you’re voracious about supporting people as you’ve discovered and we’ve discussed today <affirmative>, when your new comic book comes out <inaudible> and Presents and you’ve got Sizzle and Doug coming out and you’re getting all this artwork coming in randomly, I would imagine it’s not like eight 30 on a Monday. I get six pages. It could be at four 30 on a Sunday night, mate. You know what I mean? That you get this stuff, you sit back and you just go like, yeah man, the fire’s burning. I’m feeling good. This is what I’m here for sort of thing.

Sizzle (00:54:38):
Oh yeah, it is a strange mix. It’s like excitement that’s all coming in. Excitement that I, I’m all part of this and then there’s a mix of stress cuz I’ve gotta organize it all and make it all happen <laugh>. But most of it’s excitement. Most of it’s excitement. It’s just the excitement over overrides the stress just, it’s just so cool. I can’t think of a better word. It’s just so amazing to be part of this community. And when all I wanted to do was help it and now I’m part of it, which is just like, holy moly it’s just wow that’s never what I dreamed as being part of this journey. And now Sizzle is on because he is a publisher. <laugh>.

Leigh Chalker (00:55:38):
Oh man, that’s why I asked because it’s an amazing journey from just being a bloke that collect the comic books man to having an idea of, wow, there’s Australian comic books out there. Where do I find them to Then I’ll find some shops, I’ll make a website, hang on a minute, who are these people? There’s events to suddenly, it’s like there’s a calendar and then there’s people coming in and meeting and you’re setting this up and then there’s a comic book and then there’s another comic book and then there’s a Friday night drink and Draw starts and then there’s Chin Wags and then there’s Oz comic shows and then there’s Aussie verses and stuff like that. It’s an amazing body of work man presented by yourself really because as much as there’s creators out there that show their body of work through their pages and their writing and the production of their comic books and stuff, and then you are doing exactly what those creators are. You have created this thing and it is growing and it continues to grow. What I mean with members coming in, people that wanna see things and it just continues. It’s getting better and better I think. Man, the last couple of I would say the last couple of months I’ve seen a renewed vigor in everyone involved with more members coming through Friday night drinking draws. There’s more people coming through that no one’s ever met before. You know what I mean? And that always, who’s this person? Yeah, that sort of thing.

Allowing a bearded bald Bullhead like me to come on and do this Tuesday chinwag thing, which was a just a random idea that I spoke to you about one day that we’re having so much fun with. I mean, yeah, no, there’s great things that are happening here Shane. I really hope that you are a selfless dude man in terms of your energy goes towards the community and people. It’s a passion thing. What passion you show, I certainly hope that other people feel and it gets them involved because your passion provides me with passion in fire. You know what I mean? Yeah. To that’s cool. Do this as well and try and do the best I can for comics with my little involvements in it with Battle for Bustle and this show and stuff like that. I actually think it’s a beautiful thing, man.

Yeah, no, I’m so sincere when I say that to you, man, I was really excited about talking to you about this stuff today cuz don’t, very modest in terms of you don’t say a lot, you just plug away at doing what you do man. You know what I mean? You let everyone else have their moments I guess on your shows, your Fridays and stuff, you know what I mean? And you just go do your thing, you’re just doing your thing. And that’s why I wanted to give you this show today, man, to talk about this stuff because I think it is about time that people started knowing who Shane Sizzle Siddle is and what comics is about. Because you’re not just ever think that just the bloke and the cap there mate, cuz you’re the brains behind this operation and you’re the heart and soul and spirit and stuff man. So it’s provided opportunities for a lot of creators and people out there that would never have had the opportunity. I am one of those people. So I can definitely would like to say thank you for that bud.

Sizzle (01:00:02):
Oh wow. Thanks

Leigh Chalker (01:00:03):
Luke. It’s been an awesome couple of years, man. Getting to be friends with you and stuff like that and seeing you grow and go through everything. Cuz that’s what we do. I mean it’s all, you know, just grow, as my mom said, you get knocked down, you get back up again. You’re never out of the fight mate. You’re just in there, you’re plugging away. You’re just only forward man. Only forward. And I certainly hope comics goes only forward for an awfully long time. Yeah,

Sizzle (01:00:35):
So do I.

Leigh Chalker (01:00:37):
It’s a wonderful community of people. Yeah, that’s nurtured by Shane and providing opportunities and stuff like with comic books and things and it’s great man. It’s bloody beautiful. And I probably am getting a little bit emotional here because I do feel like I wanna say that to you, Bob because I really don’t think that I’ve said that to you enough. So I’d like to say it in a public forum. Wow. That’s how I feel about it. So I guess for the last question of the evening, and I like asking this one, what is out of what you’ve learned while you’ve been doing the whole comics thing from start to where we are now, what’s the one piece of advice or the one thing you’ve learnt that you would like to pass on to any new creator or any individual that’s out there that wants to come forward and try comics or comics or drawing anything, mate? What springs to your mind the most,

Sizzle (01:02:01):
Well, not to be cliche in this, but community really is unity. Reach out to other artists, reach out to other writers, other creators and just talk about the craft and learn. You’re, it’s gonna be hard to learn on your own. Well you can learn on your own, but you’ll go leaps and bounds by talking to other people like you’ve said yourself, by working with other people. Your skills have just skyrocketed just in new ways. So I would say don’t try to do it on your own to mean not necessarily doesn’t have your comics just reach out to other creators out there and just learn from them and bounce ideas off them and just, yeah, I guess at the end of the day, just don’t try to, don’t do it alone. So you don’t need to do it alone. There are other people out there more than happy to help, more than happy to share what they know. So take advantage of that.

Leigh Chalker (01:03:19):
Absolutely. And very well said because there are a lot of people, even those that aren’t involved in the comics community, there’s still only a message away. And a lot of the people that I’ve had things to do with I never knew them before. I just messaged them or sent an email to them and you know, never know mate. You never know if you never go do you, Shana.

Sizzle (01:03:42):
Yeah, exactly.

Leigh Chalker (01:03:44):
Yeah. But keep on going and try and get it out there. Don’t let it sit on the shelf. I like that piece of advice too from a couple of weeks. Do your best to get,

Sizzle (01:03:55):
Oh, and that’s the other thing, just do it. Just do it behind me.

Leigh Chalker (01:04:00):
Make comics. Make

Sizzle (01:04:01):
Comics. Just freaking do it.

Leigh Chalker (01:04:02):
That’s the one. That’s the one. Now as we we’re gonna wind down a little bit, but we just want to let people know in on a little secret that may not have picked up on this earlier in the show. This is actually our first pre-recorded show of the Tuesday. Just because there’s a few things happening at the usual time involving another guest. So that will be recorded. So mate you, for people out there that are watching, you can send through comments and stuff like that because Shane will be available at the end of the show live to answer any of these questions and stuff. So if anyone whatever it is that you’d like to talk to Shane about, he will be here. He will be more than happy to answer. And he’s the boss. So if you wanna know the deep dark mysteries of the comic universe or you just wanna hang some crap on the beard and bald bloke, you know what I mean, <laugh> and send in some letters of complain about me it, it’ll be all be secret. But look, it’s a great community. Comics is brilliant. There’s many, many members. Hopefully it continues to grow. Hopefully it goes for an awfully long time. The Comex shop that Shane’s got, also, there’s a ton of Australian comic book creators that are in that. You can just follow the prompts and links and all that and go and check out what’s there. I would highly recommend pretty much everything that’s in there <affirmative>, much as Shane will say, with one flat rate of $9 postage. So you can buy as much as you want. Much

Sizzle (01:06:04):
Want still nine in Australia, in Australia for,

Leigh Chalker (01:06:09):

Sizzle (01:06:10):
Gotta organize postage separately.

Leigh Chalker (01:06:12):
Yeah, yeah. So yeah, there you go. And thank you Shane. Thank you mate for coming on here. Thank you this evening and having a yarn to us. I hope you you’re comfortable and I hope that everyone that watches the show enjoys it Now Tuesday Chinwag will be back next week with our guest, Daniel Best. So looking forward to that. The Australian Comic books historian amongst many other things, he’s always good for a chinwag. And we’ll be back here at 7:30 PM next Tuesday night. Thank you very much for watching and remember, community is unity.

Sizzle (01:06:58):
Yes. And don’t forget to stick around and I will answer your questions.

Leigh Chalker (01:07:02):

Sizzle (01:07:08):
Hello everyone. Okay, let’s go through these comments, shall we? Let’s start at the beginning. Oh, they’re my comments. So good day, Dave. Hey Carrie. Hey Nick, may. Hey Peter Lane. Yes, it’s very hard. When I did the sums, I was shocked at how much work they had to do. Okay Lee. And that is a crack up that that’s what you thought it meant. I’m a bit worried that other people thought the same thing. Yeah, Peter, they should be praised. Definitely. Definitely. I’m a little blushing from this one. Thank you Peter. That’s really awesome. I should be reading these cuz they go onto Spotify but this one just feels weird to read cause it’s about me. You do amazing work, says everything you do has helped Aussies get their towels out there and I cannot thank you enough for the job that you do. I’m sure a whole bunch of other creatives agree for Spotify and I just realized as Goodday spy, Danny Nolan thank you very much for that. Your attitude to your health is very brave and should be congratulated. Ironically, your attitude to your illness is very healthy. Thank you Danny. Thank you very much.

<laugh> Lee commented, apparently I’m a champion. Thank you Lee <affirmative> and yes, Dave makes a good point. Don’t forget to and subscribe, especially if you’re on the YouTube channel. I think Spotify is the same if you’re on Facebook and so forth. So thank you very much Dave. That was awesome of you to add that. Yeah, here’s one for Lee. Bloody great show. Well done Lee. Quick. Nick, who I didn’t realize was quick. Nick Sizzle gave me a bunch of new pals. That is awesome. I love that Dave was saying that something Lee said was very true. I can’t remember when that came up. A lot of these comments of mine, <affirmative> a magician, Dave. That’s how I changed to shirt so quick. <laugh>. <laugh>, okay you might need to get someone to make X-rated comics. Yeah, we’ll think about that Lee. We’ll think about that from Lee from W Comics. For anyone who wants to know who I’m talking to, that’s Lee from Whack Comics. Happy birthday Danny. It’s apparently your birthday. I’ll see what I can arrange. But yeah happy birthday. That’s awesome. Thank you for watching your show on your birthday. So is there any questions for me, any comments, questions I’ve just gone through, mostly comments there. I’ll give a few seconds for any other questions to come up and then I’ll shut the show off.

But I will just put up this banner again. So for anyone watching there is no eye in X. That’s very important. It is not just about me it is a community thing. Now I may have started it, but that’s not what X is anymore. The best place to find out more, as you can see on the screen, there is com or X cx c omx com x. That’s where you’ll find it’s sort of like a link tree but it’s not a link tree. It is coming along Danny. It has been delayed by me getting sick and other problems with other comics, which have pushed it out. It was due, actually, the art was due recently, but now it’s due at the end of December. So it’s been pushed out to next year, I’m sorry to say just through illness problems with just other life problems. Just life got in the way. So I’ve kind of had to push that back unfortunately. I’m sorry to say So sorry about that, Danny. And is that asking the same question again? Can you please pitch an X-rated comic and you’d who’d get to make it? <laugh>. Thank you Lee from Mike Comics. We’ll have a think about that one. Yeah,

If you won’t draw for comics. Have you ever considered writing comics? Well, I can’t draw for comics cuz I just don’t have the skills writing. I don’t know if I have those skills. Dave. Writing seems really difficult to me, to be honest. It’s right up there with drawing as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know if it’s a learn, I guess it’s a learn skill like anything else. But I personally haven’t learned it. I sucked at writing assignments at university and school so yeah. You think that’s a comment for Lee from Whack Comics? We’ve still got a few viewers, funnily enough so if anyone on Facebook you can leave a comment as well. I’ll answer you as well. Not cause we just seem to be getting YouTube people.

Sizzle (01:13:31):

Sizzle (01:13:31):
Well I don’t wanna have too much dead silence. I can’t think of what else to talk about. Lee pretty much covered everything. There’s not much more to talk about with me, especially when it comes to comics at least anyway. I mean there’s other things. Yeah, that’s a comment for Lee from white comics scarf for x X-rated comics. Yeah, so thank you everyone for watching. I know Lee’s <laugh> Lee is asking as in Lee Chaka, is it a better show without me on the show? Yeah, probably do. No, no, just joking. I’m a bit lost without you at the moment, so it is definitely not a better show without you. So yeah. So what else? Is there more to tell? I’ve told you how come was formed. It’s three years old on the 23rd of next month. And is it Australian? Yes, scar is Australian. I’m actually forgetting the names that the scar stands for. No, no, it’s not coming to me. I’m under pressure Dave put it in the comments. But yeah, they got some cool comics. They actually submitted one to the horror anthology. So yeah, Steve Carter and Antoinette Rider. I hope I didn’t butcher her name too much.

Thanks Bezy. Put that up on the screen actually. Yeah, and Dave answered as well. Nice. So no one seems to have any questions for me, just comments it seems. And except for Lee from White Comics wanting X-rated comics. It’s comics not X com. Oh no, that’s different. Yeah. Thank everyone for watching. And yes, you beat Dave too. Its fed <laugh>. Have a great night everyone. Just remember Lee’s show is on again next week at seven 30 with Daniel Best, I believe he said. So that’ll be an awesome show. Daniel Best is a pretty cool guy. And so yeah, Lee and him will have a good old, but I think I’ve gone through all the comments. Sorry we couldn’t answer them because this wasn’t live. Even if it was live, I would’ve been too busy doing the show to have gone through the comments. So either way I would’ve had to leave the comments to the end anyway. When are we all meeting in person? Good question. Spy. I would love to know that. I wish I knew one day. I hope one day <affirmative>. At the very least. I want to get down and across and everywhere else, every other direction to meet everyone myself at least. So that’s my goal and I dunno how long it will take

And yes, community is unity. Thank you Lee Talker. And on that note, that’s probably a good note to leave on. So I will, there’s more. Oh, oh, sorry. The comments are coming up very slow for me. Yes, yes, Lee from Whack Comics, I am coming to Oz ComicCon in Brisbane. I won’t have a table. I’m just coming as a patron, I guess you, is that the right word? Yeah, yeah. Comics convention was going to be a thing, but I’ve gotten so loaded up with so many other things that I think I called it mention and that would be great if that happened one day. But I’m being hammered by the things I already do. So yeah Bo can’t use sorry Dave. Dave do says how is Bo Jar’s interview going to happen? That’s gonna need to be pre-recorded on software other than Stream Yard because his hardware can’t handle stream. So we’ve gotta figure that out. But it’s going to happen. Lee is figuring that out as we speak comics Lee. Hell yeah, I’ll see you there. That’d be awesome to meet you in person. That would be awesome. Are there more Carrie? No, no, not yet. Okay. Yeah, they’re coming through slow. Sorry if your comments are, I’m answering them slowly, but there seems to be a bit of a lag between the video getting to you and then your comments getting comments getting to me. So

I never realized the lag was that big before. I think maybe on that note, no, thank you Tony Na, thanks for saying it’s a great stream and letting you know. Yep, thanks. And Dave Di is booked for Brisbane. Woo. Excellent. Dave Di, that’ll be awesome to meet you in person as well.

Sizzle (01:19:32):
I’ll be there

Sizzle (01:19:33):
And Kerry will be there as well to meet you. She was undecided, but now that she knows Dave dies going, she is now going. So Dave Dy is in the house. Carrie is now in the house as well. <laugh>. Well thank you very much everyone for watching. Have a great night. And yeah check out @ We’ve got all the different sites there the shop, the studio,, dot au links, all that sort of stuff. And yeah, have a great night. See you next week. We’ll leave. We’ll see you next week. So thank you very much. Have a great night.

Voice Over (01:20:17):
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